Tooth whitening faq’s

How long does a tooth whitening last?

Tooth whitening is generally maintained by regular hygiene visits. It is also dependant on life style. Smoking and strongly colored food and drinks have a diminishing effect i.e. coffee, red vine, curry, etc. Professionally whitened teeth can generally be expected to last a number of years.

Effect on bridge?
In general, an only natural tooth tissue whitens and so your bridge, crowns etc will not change shade.    

Are there any side effects?
      Some patients may experience sensitivity during the treatment. On rare occasions, patients may experience minor tingling sensations immediately after the procedure however, these subside shortly after use.

How long will the results last?  
             it is usual for the shade improvement to last several years. This time period can be extended by a regular maintenance program with occasional top up sessions of tray based tooth whitening, used in combination with regular visits to your dental hygienist.
      Veneers are coverings made of a ceramic material such as porcelain. They can be made slightly wider than your natural teeth. The ceramic fills the gap when the veneers are cemented onto your teeth. Your teeth may need to be trimmed for the veneers to fit properly. This option involves more dental work and isn't as easy to reverse.      

Is this process harmful to my teeth?
      No! The effect on the teeth is no different than the effect from commonly ingested foods or regular dental procedures.




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