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Tissue Laser
Image The word laser is actually and acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Dental lasers are used in our dental office for multiple procedures. Soft-tissue lasers are available at varying wavelengths and powers and can be used for procedures that would otherwise be performed using a scalpel, or possibly an electrosurgical unit. Soft-tissue lasers enable safe and effective removal of soft tissue when used properly, and contribute to the efficiency of the dental office.Soft-tissue lasers can be used for gingival contouring, leveling, troughing, gingivectomy, other periodontal procedures, exposure of unerupted teeth, operculectomy, frenectomy, treatment of oral aphthous ulcers,soft-tissue incision, ablation and removal of soft-tissue lesions.

Gingival troughing and contouring are two of the most common soft-tissue procedures, frequently performed using a diode laser, and esthetic treatment can be enhanced with exquisitely managed gingival contouring using the laser. Laser units have some advantages over scalpels. They offer the ability to effectively and efficiently incise or remove soft tissue , and they provide excellent hemostasis.

Lasers use a handpiece or pen-style holder to deliver the light or heat, which – together with hemostasis – provides for good visualization of the clinical site. Postoperative pain is reported to be less using a laser compared to using a scalpel and reduced inflammation has been observed. When using a laser, local anesthesia may not be required for pain control and sutures/periodontal packs may also not be required. This is a distinct advantage for all patients, including pediatric patients. Lasers enable soft-tissue procedures to be performed on infants and young children in cases that might otherwise require a general anesthetic.
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Dr. Prashanth Kumar
Dr. Prashanth Kumar's vision to fulfill the need for specialized dental care and treatment resulted in the establishment of Prashanth Dental Clinic in 1999.

He graduated from Government Dental College, Bangalore in 1999. Completed his Diplomat in Orthodontics from ICNOG university, Italy. He is also a fellow in Implant and Esthetic Dentistry. He is an active Member of the International Orthodontic Association and Indian Dental Association. He is also an authorized dental surgeon to KPCL and BHEL.
Dr. Soujanya Prashanth
Dr. SOUJANYA PRASHANTH graduated from SDM, Dharwad in 2002. She is an active Member of the Indian Dental Association. She is a consultant dental surgeon to BGS GLOBAL HOSPITAL, Kengeri, Bangalore. She is also an authorized dental surgeon to BEL and BHEL.

She started her practice from the year 2004 and with that came the establishment of Procare Dental Clinic , she has evolved the clinic from the basic requirement to advanced facilities to each and every patient.


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