Root Canal Treatment FAQ’s

Is root canal treatment painful?

In the vast majority of cases having a root filling procedure is not painful at all. Once your dentist has numbed your tooth using a dental anesthetic you will feel no pain.

Why do I need my root filled tooth crowned?
Your tooth is more likely to suffer from a fracture than a tooth which has not been root filled. The reason for this is that a lot of the internal supporting dentine has been removed to allow the root filling to be placed. Putting a crown on your tooth is one way for your dentist to protect the tooth from fracture.

What are my options if my root filled tooth is infected?

     Every individual case is unique but in general terms the following factors are usually relevant: The tooth has a poorer long term outcome due to the failure of the existing root filling. Attempts at redoing the treatment can be successful but the success rate is lower than if the tooth was being root filled for the first time.    
      Depending on your tooth your dentist will offer the following options: to have the root filling replaced or to have the tooth extracted and then to think about possible replacements such as a dental implant or bridge.




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