The year 1999 saw the launch of PRASHANTH DENTAL CLINIC by  Dr. Prashanth  Kumar in the heart of Vijayanagar in Bangalore city.  Since then he has spearheaded the cause of modern dentistry in Bangalore through its multitude of activities in the field of dentistry.
Soon after, in 2004, Dr.Prashanth Kumar along with his wife Dr.Soujanya Prashanth had a second office, PROCARE DENTAL CLINIC located conveniently on Jnanabharathi Main Road , Nagarbhavi, close to the Bangalore University.
Our goal is to welcome every patient into our clinic and ensure that they receive the very best in modern private dentistry available today. Our clinics are a multi-specialty center with all the latest equipments and providing all treatment modalities with high tech technologies. Every patient is provided with individual attention with best state of art facilities.


     Waiting lobby

Every care is taken into account to make your visit, a pleasant one. A warm and cozy working lobby, which is well equipped with informative reading material, is provided for the comfort of the patients.


Our clinics environment is friendly and welcomes you to a very warm and pleasant ambience and ever smiling staff with total transparency. The personalized service and care, right from registration to treatment, makes the whole experience, a pleasant one.

Your dental condition is recorded on our cutting edge dental computer software and, once your dentist has fully evaluated your dental health, you will receive a customised treatment plan offering all the options to help you improve your oral health.



We maintain highest standards of cleanliness and sterilization by a trained staff. Use of disposables after single use is a common sight.

Equipment used during treatment undergoes a predefined cleansing/sterilization cycle after each use. Every instrument once used is transferred to a wash area where it is first hand-scrubbed, subjected to ultrasonic cleaning, and then steam-dried. Thereafter, the instruments are shifted to a separate sterilization area, where they are packed, sealed and then autoclaved under high temperature and pressure. Finally, they are stored in a Ultra-violet Light chamber.
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Treatment area

Our clinics are committed to providing consistently superior quality dental care services to address day-to-day dental care needs of the family to maximize convenience and comfort.
The centers have well equipped, State-of-the-art Dental chairs,each dedicated for a specific purpose.
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