Dental Implants Faq’s

What are the advantages of dental implants?      
Dental Implants can offer solutions for :
    a)  The patient who is missing teeth and wants to avoid a removable partial denture.
    b) The patient who has an exaggerated gag reflex and cannot maintain dentures of any kind in the mouth.      

   c)The patient who is wearing dentures and wants a fixed appliance to increase function / cosmetics / hygiene / and psychological acceptance  of replacement of missing teeth.    
   d)The patient who needs to increase their ability to chew better to aid in the digestive process.

Is special care needed for implants?      
      Dental Implants and the prosthesis placed over them should be cared for as you would your natural teeth. Implants can fail for the same lack of proper oral hygiene that can destroy natural teeth. You need regular dental check-ups and cleanings on a basis that your dentist will determine (usually a minimum of every 6 months). You will be shown proper oral care that needs to be practiced and maintained.      
      How long will my implants last?      
      Implants as a solution to missing teeth has been practiced for a few decades. Dental implants can have success rates above 90% in natural bone. Having said that, success rate depends on many factors like patients own health status, healing power, bone quality, and most important of all – good oral hygiene.      
      Is the treatment painful?      
      The surgical placement of dental implants causes only minor discomfort similar to having a tooth removed. Post-operative discomfort is controlled with the use of prescriptions. Depending on the extent of the therapy, many persons return to work on the day of the surgery.    


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