Orthodontic faq’s

What is the ideal age for orthodontic treatment?
      Adults can have braces treatment at any time, as long as their general dental and gingival health is good. In children, the best time to correct crooked teeth is following the eruption of a full set of permanent teeth - about age 12 or 13. Because the jaws are still growing, the mouth can be more easily manipulated and the bite restructured. Early orthodontic treatment may be recommended before the pubescent age for patients who exhibit jaw growth problems, uneven dental arches, severe uneven growth of permanent teeth, speech or swallowing problems, or self-esteem problems related to their smile. For adults who need straightening but are discouraged by the thought of unattractive metal braces, the new Invisalign invisible braces treatment may be your best bet.
How long will my teeth be Sore?

Expect the teeth to be somewhat tender the first few days after your braces are cemented and adjusted. The teeth may ache when you first eat with them but they will not bother you while you are doing other things. The sooner you start chewing the faster you will adjust to the braces. 



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